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The Pickle Pig Forum
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Salisbury, NC & Savannah, GA
Phone: (912) 349-4137 (evenings only)
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Iron Pig BBQ loves the Pickled Pig forum and website.  You will find me there anytime I have a chance to be there.
forum member name: FINNEY
Superior Smokers Forum
Iron Pig BBQ is also over at the Superior Smokers forum and website often.  What can I say... I like these smokers.
forum member name: FINNEY
Carolina BBQ Talk Forum
This forum is a good place for a Carolina (North or South) boy to hang out.  Heck, you don't even have to be from the Carolinas.
forum member name: FINNEY
Primo Grill Forum
Iron Pig BBQ visits the forum for the only ceramic Made in the USA! (But you don't have to own a Primo to join.)
forum member name: FINNEY
BBQ Central Forum
Iron Pig BBQ has been a member of this forum for years as one of the original members (since day one).  Great place.
forum member name: FINNEY
BBQ Brethren Forum
Iron Pig BBQ has enjoyed this site for the weath of diverse knowledge from comp team members across the US.
forum member name: FINNEY
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