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Buy your Maverick Remote BBQ Thermometer or Maverick Remote Grill Thermometer from Iron Pig BBQ!  Iron Pig BBQ is an authorized Maverick BBQ Thermometer dealer, so all products are covered by full factory warranty.
We’re working on stocking new products for BBQers & grillers. Details soon!
Maverick Redi-Check Deep Fryer Thermometer ET-74 - Iron Pig BBQ
Maverick Redi-Check BBQ Thermometer ET-73 - Iron Pig BBQ
Maverick BBQ / Smoker Thermometer ET-73 
Dual probe remote thermometer made especially for smoking. Meat & pit probes.
$40.00 includes shipping 
Maverick Rotisserie Thermometer ET-75
Remote thermometer made for the rotisserie. (meat temp only) 
$40.00 includes shipping
Maverick Redi-Check Grill Thermometer ET-7 - Iron Pig BBQ
Maverick Redi-Check Rotisserie Grill Thermometer ET-75 - Iron Pig BBQ
Maverick Grill / Oven Thermometer ET-7
Dual probe remote thermometer w/two meat probes. Meat 'doneness' presets.
$40.00 includes shipping
Maverick Deep Fryer Thermometer ET-74
Remote thermometer for deep frying. Check frying oil temperature from a safe distance.
$40.00 includes shipping
Forshner Knives - Iron Pig BBQ
Forschner Knives
email for selection and pricing
Maverick (Redi-Check) Thermometer Replacement Probes - Iron Pig BBQ
Replacement Probes
available for  Maverick ET-73 and ET-732 thermometers
$12.00 incl. shipping
Superior Smokers - Continuous Feed Charcoal Cookers - Iron Pig BBQ
Superior Smokers
let Iron Pig BBQ help you buy the best 'continuous feed' charcoal smoker on the market
SS-One - (check Superior site for $)
SS-Two - (check Superior site for $)
You can also pick up at the fab shop in Macon, GA to save shipping.

To order any items listed here, email Iron Pig BBQ with item and quantity needed.
A PayPal invoice will be emailed to you for order conformation.
*Selecting the pictures will take you to the respective company's product page or website home page for more information.
Maverick ET-732 BBQ Thermometer
Maverick ET-73 BBQ Thermometer
Maverick ET-7 Grill Thermometer
Maverick ET-75 Rotisserie Thermometer
Maverick ET-74 Deep Fryer Thermometer 
or any product from Maverick
All here at Iron Pig BBQ.  If you find a better price, email us and we'll try to match it.  
All profits from Maverick sales go to supporting our competition team.  Why buy from a big corporation when you can buy from a BBQ enthusiast just like you?
Why buy from a big corporation when you can buy from a BBQ enthusiast just like you?
Maverick ET-732 - Iron Pig BBQ
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